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Pitbull Friends is dedicated to American Pitbull Terrier, and to dog owners and dog lovers who are tired of the same one sided story of a vicious killer. Whether you are a Pitbull dog owner currently or you're just interested in learning more about this great breed.

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Anyone who has owned an American Pitbull Terrier or other bully breed; or even just spent a good amount of time with one can tell you there are few more loyal and affectionate dogs. These animals seem to have one goal in life, to love and protect their family in every way.

I urge readers to do anything they can to help support this breed. Even simply being a responsible and respectful Pit Bull owner with a well trained Pitbull Dog will help simply by adjusting public opinion for those who may interact with the dog. The effect of an irresponsible owner who trains their Pitbull negatively causing it to act aggressively towards people has such a lasting psychological effect that a hundred responsible owners are needed to undo the damage.

It is important that we all work together to avoid the banning of these dogs and other similar breeds. I whole heartedly feel that poor ownership is a problem but the American Pitbull Terrier is the victim. If someone steals your television you don't execute the victim to keep them from having to be victimized by theft again, while it would be an effective solution it doesn't seem just.

The problem is irresponsible ownership as well as simple public ignorance about bully breed and pitbull dogs in general. There will always be powerful dogs, if they ban the Pitbull breed, the poor owners will simply turn to another powerful tough breed like the Rottweiler or Doberman to perpetuate what they perceive gives them a tough social status, after all a tough guy needs a tough dog right. This will start a cycle; negative owners will generate new negative opinion about that breed caused by poor ownership. These new opinions could then grow to the point of which they legislate to ban that breed and round and round it goes until even shiatsu's are banned, that is obviously an exaggerated outcome but it gets you thinking.

Please Be Responsible and Respectful Pet Owners No Matter What Species Or Breed Of Dog You Intend To Care For.

My Pitbull And Best Friend Kalypso

Kalypso - Our Own American Pitbull Terrier Dog

This is the little puppy who initiated my love and devotion to the American Pitbull Terrier breed and sparked the idea to create this site. She is a three year old female Pitbull Dog named Kalypso.

She was rescued from very inhumane conditions by a pet rescue group. During a stay in a foster home we stumbled upon her and instantly fell in love. From that day she has served as a wonderful companion, and the focus of my most entertaining stories.

My Pitbull And Best Friend Kalypso

Kratos - Pitbull Friends New Pitbull Mix Puppy

The new addition to the Pitbull Friends Family is a Pit Bull Puppy mix named Kratos.

Kratos was given to us to foster by a close friend who runs a shelter that was running short on room.

We took this little guy in and in no time I was signing adoption papers. While training a new puppy doesn't sound exciting to me, he is the cutest little thing and we are very happy to have him.





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